• Scientific Journal

    Scientific Journal(SCIENA) published by an official of Scientific.id_considers the following types of original contribution for peer review and publication: Research Articles, Review Articles, Letters to Editor, Brief Communications, Case Reports, Book Reviews, Technological Reports, and Opinion Articles. It Is published six times a year and serves the need of scientific and non-scientific personals involved/interested in Natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Oceanography, Engineering), Social Science, Economics, Biology and Medicine. Each issue covers topics, which are of broad readership interest to personals from General Public, Industry, Clinicians, Academia, and Government. Scientic Journal is a must read journal for every one with curiosity in science.

    Submissions are welcome from other clinically relevant areas. However, the Journal emphasizes publishing high-quality and novel research.


  • Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Kesehatan(JURABDIKES)

    Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Kesehatan(JURABDIKES) published twice a year the first issue will be published in June 2023. This journal discusses the topic of Community Service.

    This journal contains writings raised from the results of community service, especially in the fields of health and medicine as an effort to improve the academic atmosphere, as publications as a result of the dedication of lecturers, students, practitioners and the general public. Editors welcome contributions in the form of articles from lecturers and health experts for publication in this journal.

    Manuscripts submitted must be original and have never been published in other media